State Cross Catholic Outreach Program - How YOU can help

By: Garret Kelenske - Thu, Sep 14, 2023 5:53 AM

The Cross Catholic Outreach meal packing is only ONE month from today! There are several ways that you and your council or Assembly can get involved!
Contact information and QR codes are on the flyer below to volunteer or to make a donation.
For more information, click here


The Arm of St Jude

By: Robert Bagley - Thu, Sep 14, 2023 5:48 AM

The arm of St Jude is coming to the United States and visiting the Grand Rapids Diocese.

As one of the Church's most revered saints, St Jude is the ultimate refuge for those who find themselves in desperate situations. When circumstances appear bleak and insurmountable, Saint Jude emerges as the beacon of hope.

Join us and witness firsthand the miracles he has in store for you.


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A delicious way to support Cross Catholic Outreach

By: Richard Shelt - Tue, Sep 12, 2023 5:43 PM


Our Cross Catholic Outreach Food Packing event is just around the corner!

Mark your calendars for October 14th at Holy Family Parish in Novi, hosted by Council #11811. Thank you to all those who have already sent in donations or signed up to help with the packing. Your support means the world to us.
But wait, there's more! The Pulte Charitable Foundation’s FIVE Steakhouse at St John’s resort in Plymouth has generously offered to donate 5% of their September sales to our upcoming food packing event.
Now, here's where you come in. Let's show our support by paying a visit to FIVE Steakhouse. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, or their mouthwatering Saturday/Sunday brunch, every meal you enjoy there will contribute to the Cross Catholic Outreach cause. You won't be disappointed.
To check out their menus and get more information about St John’s Resort, click here

Thank you once again for your support. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those in need!

Take Action: Reproductive Health Act Introduced in Michigan Legislature

By: Ed Strach - Thu, Sep 7, 2023 4:44 PM


On September 6, the Reproductive Health Act was introduced in the Michigan House by pro-abortion Democrat legislators. The bill package calls for the repeal of many commonsense abortion regulations, regulations which continue to enjoy the broad support of Michigan citizens, including the majority of those who voted for Proposal 3.


To read the full article and for more information, click here


Blessed Michael McGivney Feast Day Mass

By: Thomas Wegener - Thu, Sep 7, 2023 2:29 PM


Fr. Bob Bacik, Lansing Diocesan Chaplain, Council 788 Co-Chaplain, and Pastor of St. Gerard Majella Parish in Lansing is shown celebrating Mass on Sunday, August 13th, the Feast Day of Blessed Michael McGivney, the Order's Founder.


Members of Richard Council 788 and their families were inattendance. 


The gathering space of the church welcomed all for Mass with a portrait of Fr. McGivney.  During the Eucharistic Prayer the name of Blessed Michael McGivney was offered. 


At the end of Mass, during Father's remarks, he again mentioned the Feast Day of Fr. McGivney and the Knights of Columbus and invited those who would like information about the KofC to visit the Knights who were assembled in the gathering space during a membership drive.


2024 Michigan State Bowling Tournament

By: Gregory Zawalski - Thu, Sep 7, 2023 7:05 AM


1Brother Knights,


The Michigan Knights of Columbus Bowling Association “Mixed” bowling tournament will be held on October 14th 2023 starting at 10:00 in Westland, Michigan. This is a good opportunity to invite prospective members to show them the fraternity that they can join. Each team only has to have one active Knight. So, get a team together and come out and have a good time. If you are interested, please complete the mixed form and submit it by September 30th.


In 2024, the 82nd Annual State Bowling Tournament will be held in Lansing, Michigan, hosted by Richard Council #788 at Royal Scot Bowl and Golf. Officers Day will be February 17th and the Open weekends February 24th through March 24th. Participation is open to all members in good standing who belong to a council in the Michigan Jurisdiction. Please see the Tournament Flyer and Richard Council 788 ad placement form for more information.


Please visit the Michigan KofC Athletics website here


Sincerely and Fraternally


Gregory Zawalski - Vice President

Michigan State Bowling Association


State Cross Catholic Outreach Food Packing Program

By: Garret Kelenske - Wed, Sep 6, 2023 6:43 AM

State Cross Catholic Outreach

Food Packing Program


My Brother Knights, Families, and Friends, I hope this article finds all of you in good health and spiritual wellbeing. I would like to share a few of the updates about our new statewide Food Packing Program. The first of these events will be taking place in the Archdiocese of Detroit at Holy Family Council #11811 located in Novi at Holy Family Parish on October 14th.


I know many of you will be wanting to participate in this program and we have received the flyers and the activation of the QR codes to help facilitate either volunteering or contributing monetarily. At this point we are giving the Councils that are hosting these Diocesan events a little bit of time to get their volunteers signed up before we open it up to everyone. Please sign up using the QR code for Volunteers. As with all large programs there will be a little bit of paperwork to fill out. Remember the first one hundred and fifty people to sign up will get to do the actual food packing. It is also a great responsibility to make sure you can show up for the event. So, if you sign up, show up!


I have been asked “What is the best way to contribute?” well if you are a Council wishing to donate, please make your check out to the “Michigan State Council” and in the memo line please place CCO Program. We have recently decided to have your Council donations sent to the Cross Catholic Outreach Director in charge. It is like the way we run the Coats for Kids Program. This way we can keep an accurate count of monies being collected and since we are doing these programs at a Diocesan level your contribution will go towards your areas Packing Program. The other way is personal donations which we will gladly accept through the QR code, these donations will assure the individuals donating a receipt for their taxes from Cross Catholic Outreach. All QR donations made will be used towards the current Diocese event. I hope this helps and if you have large donations from businesses in your area this will also help them.  


This brings me back to Council donations, for each five hundred dollars donated the Council will be able to submit the proper form in the Food for Families Program category and they will receive a hundred dollars back from this Supreme recognized program and be able to collect one point on their Columbian Award application. Please get your donations in as soon as possible for this worthwhile event. As we get closer to the October 14th Food Packing event, I will have more information coming out.


To see the video, click here


Your Brother in Christ

Garret A. Kelenske

State Cross Catholic Outreach Director


Council and District Membership Incentives for September 2023

By: Jim Escott - Tue, Sep 5, 2023 7:11 AM

Council/District Membership Incentives for September - $10 / member!!!


August is over. Next week's report will contain a list of all incentives won by each council and District Deputy. Money's will be paid out in October at the end of Q1.


Councils Incentives:

  • For every e-member added to your council's prospect tab, your council will earn $10 in September.
  • For every member added to your council (counted in Officers' Online), your council will earn $10 in September.

District Incentives: For every $1 one of your councils earns, you will earn $1.

Council of the Month for July 2023

By: Ken Warzybok - Tue, Sep 5, 2023 7:08 AM

Council of the Month for July


Congratulations to all our winners!


  • Kalamazoo: Fr. Korst Council #2900, GK Chancelir Murdock.
  • Marquette: Bishop Eis Council #2894, GK Dave Guenther
  • Grand Rapids: St. Pius X - Grandville Council, #14598 GK Jeremy Marshall. 
  • Detroit East: Our Lady of the River Council #856, GK Michael Page.
  • Detroit West: Monroe Council #1266, GK Julian Rios.
  • Lansing: Irish Hills Council #6223, GK Matthew Girdham.
  • Saginaw: Bay City Council #414, GK Brad Covaleski.

From our State Faith Director 9-3-2023

By: Robert Bagley - Sun, Sep 3, 2023 6:44 PM


From Your State Faith Director1


"We will never be respectful enough; we will never adore with a heart sufficiently respectful of the Holy Eucharist. That is why it has been the custom of the Church for centuries and centuries to kneel to receive the Holy Eucharist. We should be prostrate on the ground to receive the Holy Eucharist, and not standing. Are we equals of our Lord Jesus Christ? Is it not He who is going to come on the clouds of Heaven to judge us? Isn't that what we are going to do when we see the face of our Lord Jesus Christ, like the Apostles on Tabor, who prostrated themselves on the ground out of terror and admiration before the greatness, the splendor of our Lord Jesus Christ?"


Thought for the Day by Archbishop Lefebvre.


My Brothers and Sisters, truer words have never been spoken. Do we really feel we are better than the Apostles, do we really believe we are equal to our Lord Jesus Christ? How arrogant are we? Do we realize to be arrogant is a sin? Give our Lord Jesus Christ respect and show Him the Reverence he deserves and commands. Kneel and Receive our Lord Jesus Christ on the tongue. 


Pray for each other, 


Bob Bagley State Faith Director