Unite Our Nation Rosary Rally at Michigan’s State Capitol

By: Paul J. Palka - Wed, Apr 28, 2021 9:28 AM

Unite Our Nation, founded by the laity, is a non-political organization formed to help bring peace and prayer to local communities and healing to our nation.  A local hour of prayer, including the rosary has been organized as Unite Michigan. 

Please join us on May 13, 3:00 pm in front of the steps at the Michigan State Capitol building in Lansing where we will be led in prayer.

A public square rosary rally is a time to give witness to people of all races and beliefs, keep polarizing politics out, and focus on prayer to unite our nation.  If you are interested in joining the leadership team or simply attending, please reach out to Sandra Sherwood at ejsherwood@charter.net


In the meantime, take a look at the Unite Our Nation website uniteournation.net to learn more and get more details on the event!


43rd Annual KC RTL Dinner Rerun

By: Ed Strach - Sat, Apr 24, 2021 1:34 PM


Thank you for those who attended or livestreamed the 43rd Annual Right to Life MI Respect Life Benefit Event!


The You Tube video event is available on-line at respectlifemi.org to view at your council meeting, district event or hosting a watch party. The first half hour of this recording is dedicated to highlighting a listing of table sponsors and special donors. 


Please take the time to watch the inspiring keynote speaker, Mike Slater and make your donation to Right to Life Michigan Educational Fund. Your donations are critical to continue our efforts in Building a Culture of Life.



By: Gary Kolbicz - Fri, Apr 23, 2021 6:35 PM





NOVEMBER 1, 2020 TO APRIL 15, 2021 


1 1st Degree Charity Prize - Grand Hotel Mackinac Island For 4 + $12,500 Cash 7237 Fr. David Speicher Dewitt
Seller $250.00 7237 Fr. David Speicher Dewitt
2 2nd Degree Unity Prize -Grand Traverse Resort For 4 + $3,500.00 Cash 12186 Ray Kondel Gaines
Seller $100.00 12186 Ray Kondel Gaines
3 3rd Degree Fraternity Prize -Bavarian Inn, Frankenmuth For 4 + $2,500.00 Cash 13526 Michael Kirkwood Comstock Park
Seller $50.00 13526 Michael Kirkwood Comstock Park
4 4th Degree Patriotic Degree - Dearborn Inn For 4 + $1,500.00 Cash 4404 Randy Graftema Coopersville
Seller $25.00 4404 Randy Graftema Coopersville
5 $300.00 11664 Ann Pasch Lake Leelanau
6 $300.00 5255 Doug Leach Homer
7 $300.00 7444 McCauley McDougal Commerce Twp.
8 $300.00 788 Jay Corey Lansing
9 $300.00 3029 Tim Boos Farwell
10 $300.00 5460 Stanley Hreneczoa Warren
11 $180.00 3302 William Gorny Dearborn Hgts.
12 $180.00 6824 Michael White Clarkston
13 $180.00 2950 Allan Rooks Sterling Hgts.
14 $180.00 7341 Judy Thome Alto
15 $180.00 3078 Terrance Cauley Taylor
16 $180.00   Joann Grubb Okemos
17 $180.00 9182 Jay Jensen Holt
18 $180.00 13673 Bridget Bertopec Farmington Hills
19 $180.00 5436 Terrence Tamm Waterford
20 $180.00 13475 Dennis O Brien Grosse Ile
21 $120.00 5446 Stephen Kirsch Grosse Ile
22 $120.00 5446 Paula Orr Trenton
23 $120.00 10542 Daniel Remecke Holt
24 $120.00 2690 Ralph & Carla McWilliams Livonia
25 $120.00 1266 Todd G. Smith Monroe
26 $120.00 3078 Marie Cerne Chicago ILL.
27 $120.00 8042 Antoinette Keller Pigeon
28 $120.00 8698 Dcn. Mike Hammond Ida
29 $120.00 6674 Bill Sippel Saline
30 $120.00 3281 Clint Beagle St. Johns
31 $60.00 17232 Bryan R. Andres Dorr
32 $60.00 15548 John Dewildt Constock Park
33 $60.00 5981 John Austin Tucson AZ
34 $60.00 8489 Luke Hartmann Flint
35 $60.00 4064 Mike Manako Commerce Twp.
36 $60.00 13673 Barbara Cholewa Livonia
37 $60.00 3860 Rev. John F. Child Livonia
38 $60.00 12121 Brian Fromm Grosse Pt. Farms
39 $60.00 2900 Richard Galinis Cloldwater
40 $60.00 2950 Harry Kuk Sterling Hgts.

Directors Gary DeCarlo & Kevin Rowley 

Council Officer Training Schedule – June 2021

By: Jim Escott - Fri, Apr 23, 2021 6:10 PM

There are 4 sessions as follows:





Grand Knight

Grand Knights

Deputy Grand Knights

Officers Online, Member Management, Youth Protection, running effective meetings, and tools and information for success.

GK Training video 21.01


Program Directors plus Faith, Family, Community and Life Directors

Faith in Action, Forms, Youth Protection and tools and information for success.

Program Director - Training video 20.05


Membership Directors plus Retention Directors & all council recruiters

Recruiting, admissions, Online membership, ways to get more members active, and tools and information for success.

Membership Director - Training video 20.05

Financial Officers

Financial Secretaries, Treasurers and Trustees

Roles & responsibilities, Financial controls, funds management, Council Audits & Member Management.

Financial Officer Training  (FS, Treasurer & Trustees)

Send y

Send your questions to Jim Escott – Michigan State Training Director.  j.escott@mikofc.org as soon as you complete viewing the Training PowerPoint but no later than June 15 to make sure your questions are addressed during the Zoom meeting. 

All sessions will begin at 7pm and are expected to last an hour (Sessions may last longer based on questions from participants

The scheduled dates are as follows:



Zoom Link

Monday June 7th

Membership Directors


Tuesday June 8th

Financial Officers


Wednesday June 9th

Grand Knights (and DGKs)


Thursday June 10th

Program Directors


Monday June 14th

Financial Officers


Tuesday June 15th

Grand Knights (and DGKs)


Wednesday June 16th

Program Directors


Thursday June 17th

Membership Directors


Emails will be sent out to all MIKofC.org email addresses a few days before each session.  Please sign in to the session that best fits your calendar.  Attendance will be recorded at each session.  All Council officers/directors listed above are expected and encouraged to attend. 

Rise Up and Answer the Call!

Special Olympics Report 2020-

By: John Hundiak - Fri, Apr 23, 2021 9:17 AM


 This past year has been a different year for Special Olympics.  I use the word different because   unlike many other events, the Special Olympics in Michigan were not cancelled but changed.   Due to the pandemic, the Annual Summer Games opening ceremonies were virtual along with the games themselves.  There was the Color Corps, running and lighting of the torch, and even a flyover.  And yes, the athletes and their coaches did not let the pandemic stop them from competing.  Wherever able, the athletes competed virtually and gave it their all!  We can all learn a lot from these athletes.

Throughout the year, the Fall, Winter and Spring games all took place virtually and were successful.  The success of these games were due in a large part to the dedication and efforts of the staff of the Special Olympics Michigan.  A huge thanks to all of them.

Along with the virtual games, many councils continued fundraising for Special Olympics especially through the MI Drive.  Thank you for continuing the work of the Order during these difficult times. 

Unfortunately, the Summer Games have been postponed.  Right now, depending on the Covid numbers, we are looking at the July timeframe to hold the games.  As soon as we get firm information, we will pass it on.  Again, thank you for all you do!

I am including an interesting fundraiser to be held by Michigan’s Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) program with an interesting prize. 

Take a look and consider donating.  PURCHASE TICKETS HERE!



State Special Olympics Director John Hundiak

Protect Life of Mich Virtual Dinner

By: Gary Merritt - Thu, Apr 22, 2021 12:15 PM

Register Here   Cost: FREE!

We’re holding our Benefit Dinner online to give you the opportunity to partner with us as we continue to meet the essential needs of the unborn.

You’re invited to join with many other members of our community for this exciting virtual gathering...

What: Benefit Dinner
Date: April 24th
Time: 6:30 PM (ET)



By: Don Wesley - Thu, Apr 22, 2021 11:50 AM






Wednesday, April 28, 2021 7:00PM – 8:00PM EST










Click HERE for  Registration Link

Councils 1616 & 15439 Cemetery Clean-up Discovery

By: Gary Merritt - Wed, Apr 21, 2021 7:54 AM

Annually, typically in late October or early November, after the final leaves have fallen, the Knights of Columbus council 1616 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, under the direction of their Grand Knight Dan Barnett, have banded together for the annual cemetery cleanup.   They have done this for the last several decades; a corporal work of mercy in the spirit of burying the dead.  

It’s a time when brother Knights gather with rakes, tarps, and leaf blowers in hand to remove what seemed like tons of leaves from the Catholic section of the public Riverside cemetery.  The last few years, St Augustine Cathedral council 15439, led by Grand Knight Drew Uryga, established only 10 years ago, has join in the cleanup crusade.

During the most recent outing in the late fall of 2020 as the leaves cleared, the band of brother Knights noticed one, lone toppled headstone with the name “Luby” on it. The rest of the inscription was buried underneath.  A small papal flag stood next to it. 

With our local Cathedral Rector and Kalamazoo Diocesan Chaplain, Fr. Robert Creagan,  joining us, we asked, “why the flag?”  He told us that he placed it there knowing the local history of Fr. Thomas Luby, the only priest buried in this Catholic section of the larger public cemetery.  It sits just over the hill from Borgess Hospital, established in the 1880s to care for the sick by the Sisters of St. Joseph. 

Several of us thought, well, for a priest from many years ago who served our diocese here, and as part of our corporal works of mercy, we should restore the headstone and give it the respect it deserves. 

It turns out that the 95th anniversary of Fr. Luby’s death was just a few weeks away in  December.  The Knights thought how great it would be to pursue this project and complete it in time to commemorate his passing. 

After connecting the dots with the local funeral home director and the monument company, the council was able to work with them to raise the stone and put it back in its rightful place, appropriately remembering death, or Momento Mori.

On a brisk Saturday morning a couple weeks later, a few of the Knights were there to greet the worker with the monument company coming from Grand Rapids, MI.  His truck was decked out with the hydraulic lift needed to tackle a project like this.  From the hands of vandals to the care of workers, the 1-ton stone was ready to be raised and placed on its base. 

Something wasn’t right, though the etchings dated on the stone were still covered in dirt they didn’t match the name and dates of Fr. Luby.  Some further research confirmed this was actually the site of Lawrence Luby, his uncle. Nonetheless, it was gratifying to fix the damage.  

But then where was Fr Luby?   We were eager to find out. 

With a little sleuthing through county records, an image was found online of his gravesite.  It was indeed in the cemetery and had to be somewhere nearby. 

One of the Knights began walking the nearby hill, and it wasn’t long before he was able to find the actual site of where Fr. Luby rested.  There he was on a steep hill, next to a tall Shagbark Hickory tree with weeds overgrown around it.  With an etching of a chalice noting the memory of a priest stood the lost stone of Reverend Thomas Luby. 

With a little bit more searching, we found the stone of Michael and Mary Luby, his devoted parents buried only a few feet away as well. 

So, on December 12, 2020 and on the 95th anniversary of Fr Thomas Luby's death, Fr. Bob from Saint Augustine Cathedral Parish, on a windy and rainy day blessed the headstone and remembered a local brother parish priest who served our diocese so many years ago.  

This simple corporal act of raking leaves in a forgotten section of a cemetery led two councils to fulfilling our Knights of Columbus principles.  As so much time flew by, we labored together and still remembered a devoted priest’s life & death

 Tempus fugit, momento mori. 

 Ed Amat Council 15439

Michigan State KC Camporee 21

By: Joseph Baldridge - Tue, Apr 20, 2021 1:26 PM


Brother Knights and Families;

Our 2021  State Camporee is set for Friday, August 13 through Sunday August 15. This year’s event will be held at the Mecosta Pines Campground located at 550 S Talcott St. in Morley, MI.

We have a total of 32 Campsites reserved. Please complete the registration form then, send the form and payment to me by no later than Saturday, June 12 . If you are interested in full hook-up, please contact me at (616)329-0781 to confirm availability before completing the registration form. Remember that sites are first come first serve. Please find the registration form HERE.

For those who do not camp or do not have a camper there are several hotels within 15 miles of the campground, see the list HERE. If you decide to come and stay in a hotel you will need to contact the hotel directly for reservations. Also, if you are staying at a hotel, please complete the registration form so we may include you in updates and make sure to come by my rig to register and get any handouts. Mecosta Pines offers many amenities and activities, plus we will be able to utilize their Outdoor Pavilion and in the event of inclement weather there is an indoor gathering area.

Just to give a few highlights of what we are planning, we will be doing a bean bag toss tournament, potluck, and Mass as we normally do, but we are also looking into the possibility having something for the kiddos, and maybe a wine tasting for the adults. If you have any ideas, please forward them to me at j.baldridge@mikofc.org or if you are interested in helping with any of our events for the Camporee please reach out me, your help will be greatly appreciated.

Ramona and I are planning to arrive at the campground Thursday, August 12th to begin getting things setup and to work with the campground staff. If you are interested in arriving Thursday or extending your stay, please contact me to let me know and contact the campground to make your reservation for the additional days only. Currently the plan is to have a Michigan KC Camper registration setup and have 50/50 raffles, possibly some prizes, give-a-ways, etc.

In years past the Michigan KC Campers hosted the KCIC event and we would love to be able to rebuild the group and get back to where we could bring the International Camporee back to Michigan in the future.

We are looking forward to this year’s Camporee and to rebuilding the Michigan KC Campers group. Lots of additional information to come before, during and after this year’s Camporee, so get your tent or camper ready and let’s make this a Camporee to remember and build on.

Vivat Jesus, Rise Up and Answer the Call!

Alan Baldridge State Camping Chairman j.baldridge@mikofc.org 616-329-0781