Stand Up for Life against Governor Whitmer’s Lawsuit to Save Abortion

By: Ed Strach - Sat, Apr 16, 2022 8:45 AM

MCC's Statement in Response to Governor Whitmer’s Abortion Legal Filing

(Lansing, Mich.) – Through a lawsuit filed in Oakland County today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer is seeking to overturn longstanding state law that prohibits abortion in Michigan other than to save the life of the mother, despite the fact that elected officials, the state Supreme Court, and the people of the state have all in the past upheld policies to protect unborn children.  Below is a response from MCC Policy Advocate Rebecca Mastee, J.D. to the governor’s legal efforts:


“The right to life for unborn children and its inherent value given by our Creator cannot be reduced to a legal opinion or legislative vote. While the legality of abortion is contingent upon democratic structures, it is unfortunate that the judicial branch is being used to try to invalidate a longstanding policy approved by elected representatives and left untouched by the Legislature for nearly a century since.  Let us also recall that the people of the state in 1972 voted at the statewide ballot to oppose abortion and, perhaps most relevant to today’s legal action, the state Supreme Court has precedent here as the law in question was upheld in 1973 in People vs Bricker. Our hope is that a greater respect for the distinct and separate branches of state government returns to the political sphere, and we pray for a deeper appreciation for the life and protection of unborn children in the hearts and minds of the citizens and elected officials of the state.”


Michigan Catholic Conference is the official public policy voice of the Catholic Church in this state.


You may read the article from explaining the Govenors action HERE.

MI Drive Collections

By: George Stump - Fri, Apr 15, 2022 8:37 AM

Fraternal Years 2007 through 2021

Above is a chart illustrating Michigan's contributions from our MI Drives over the past 14 1/2 fraternal years. (the 1/2 year represents the collections from the 2021 Columbus Weekend Drive which was a record amount for the fall drive by almost $150,000).

I think it is quite impressive and can be used for bragging rights for our state's commitment in  helping special people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Thanks to all the Knights & their families that have assisted in this effort.


George J. Stump

State MI Program Director

Ph: 586-786-0938

78th Mich KC Ultrasound Dedication – Building A Better Future for Flint

By: Ed Strach - Thu, Apr 14, 2022 9:38 AM

Saturday, April 9, 2022 at The Luke Project 52 Clinic Flint marked the 78th Michigan Knights of Columbus Ultrasound dedication ceremony.  

Last year several districts and their supporting councils in the Flint area including those of District Deputies Rick Perry, Bob Vandesteene and Mike Szukhent embarked to place multiple Ultrasound units in the city of Flint. The first of these Ultrasound placements became a reality with the grand opening of The Luke Project 52 Clinic Flint which also included the Ultrasound dedication.

Pictured top left above (l-r) during the pledge of allegiance is Rev. Brad Garrison, Executive Director, The Luke Project 52 Clinic Flint; Brother Knight Mike Walsh; Craig Herring, Grand Knight Fenton Council #7418 and State Deputy Walter Winkle.

Above center;: Deacon Larry Blondin took part in the blessing of the Ultrasound.

Far right: Ribbon cutting ceremony with State Deputy, Walter Winkle, Grand Knight Craig Herring and Rev. Brad Garrison.

Did you know, The Luke Project 52 Clinic Flint

· The Luke Project is a ministry launched in 2016 out of love for mothers and their babies which has now expanded to the Flint area

· Is a free prenatal care clinic to serve the uninsured/under insured in Flint area

· Building owner refused to sell facility to abortion doctor six weeks prior to leasing to The Luke Project 52 Clinic with option to buy in August 2022

· A gift of $24,000 was made toward the end of the building dedication for its purchase

Supporters of The Luke Project 52 Clinic of Flint Ultrasound Initiative:

These supporters are responsible for raising $24,590, 50% of the cost of this Ultrasound with the other 50% provided by Supreme Council Knights of Columbus

District #504, Rick Perry

Councils 6694 Swartz Creek, 6742 Grand Blanc, 7418 Fenton (led council) , 8489 Flushing

District #502, Bob Vandesteene

Councils 4090 Davison, 4285 Mt. Morris, 10170 Burton, 11532 Burton, 13703 Clio

District #512, Mike Szukhent

Councils 695 Flint, 8245 Flint, 8669 Montrose,12090 Flint, 17509 Flushing

Memphis Council #10501, St. Francis Council #4401, Msgr. Patrick R. Dunigan Assembly #510

Livingston County Ultrasound Initiative

Thank you for Rising Up and Answering the Call for Life!

Ed Strach 

Michigan Knights of Columbus

Life Director

The Q3 $500 Sponsor Winners

By: Dan Fuller - Tue, Apr 12, 2022 8:19 AM

As promised our Worthy State Deputy, Walter Winkle selected two winners for our 3rd Quarter Sponsor Raffle. 

The winners are…

·         Jim Johnson of Sacred Heart of the Hills Council 8659, District 111, Auburn Hills.

·         Steve Schaenzer of James Cardinal Hickey Council 14056, District 701, Midland.

Congratulations my Brothers! Keep up the great work of growing our Order.

Now try to win another $500 in the Q4 Sponsor Raffle.

Vivat Jesus, Rise Up And Answer the Call!

Dan Fuller, SMD

Blessed Easter

By: Gary Merritt - Sat, Apr 9, 2022 8:01 AM

BLESSED EASTER to all our Brother Knights and their Families!


Mentally Impaired Drive

By: Gary Merritt - Fri, Apr 8, 2022 1:31 PM

This Palm Sunday weekend, Knights of Columbus councils across the State of Michigan will participate in our annual MI Drive. The funds collected will be distributed to various local and state-wide organizations which provide recreational and learning events for individuals with physical and cognitive challenges.

While we often take for granted simple every day activities such as bowling or camping, for an individual with special needs, it requires organization and extra attention to ensure a fun and safe time. The funds collected this weekend will support these quality of life activities, thanks to the generosity and love of communities throughout Michigan. When you see our Brother Knights this weekend, please give a donation and enjoy a Tootsie Roll on us as thanks for helping us help others. Thank you!

Standing for Life at the MI RTL Dinner

By: Gary Merritt - Fri, Apr 8, 2022 11:01 AM

Over 600 people made a Stand for Life by attending this year’s dinner in Troy.

Our State Deputy Walter Winkle, on behalf of state council and the members of the Knights of Columbus of Michigan was able to present a generous donation of $100,000 to Barbara Listing and the Michigan Right to Life educational fund for all that they do to encourage and advocate Life!

Entertainment was provided by George Dennehy, an internationally recognized songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. George inspired all by sharing his powerful prolife testimony.

Message from Paul Long MCC CEO

By: Gary Merritt - Wed, Apr 6, 2022 9:14 AM

April 5, 2022

Dear State Deputy and Board:

            I am sorry to miss your conversation this evening. Unfortunately, the conflict on my calendar could not be avoided.  In my absence, I have asked Barbara Listing to read this short letter.

            The topic under consideration tonight, in many regards, is without precedent, in terms of our joint efforts to restore legal protection to the unborn child in Michigan.

            On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Michigan Catholic Conference, which includes the seven (arch)diocesan bishops, I can say with complete confidence, that derailing this deafly petition drive, is an absolute top priority of the Roman Catholic Church in this state.

            Right to Life of Michigan and the Michigan Catholic Conference have joined together to create Citizens to Support Michigan Women and Children.  This is the community which will fight against this proposal being placed on the ballot and will be urging a no vote.

            If we are unable to disqualify enough signatures, to throw out the petition drive, then securing a no vote on this proposed amendment to the state constitution, will remain an absolute priority in the weeks and months just ahead.  

            I would urge the Knights of Columbus, throughout the great state of Michigan, to join us wholeheartedly to defeat what can only be viewed as the greatest challenge to the sanctity of human life that we have ever faced!

            Having said that, I am confident, just as I have been on many occasions in the past, that by working together, we will prevail!  We will emerge victorious!  But the road ahead of us will be filled with unprecedented challenges.

            To that end, we must rise up with an unprecedented level of commitment for these innocent children.

            Please  join us as we proceed full speed ahead.  I cannot envision a victorious outcome without one of the greatest allies the unborn children will ever have…there will be no victory without the Knights of Columbus.

            Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Right to Life of Michigan

Michigan Catholic Conference

Citizens to Support Michigan Women and Children