Council 2819 - Msgr. Champion Council Merging With Robert Jones Council

By: Vernell Smith - Fri, Feb 7, 2020 3:30 AM

Posted For: Council #2819

Msgr. Champion Council 2819 drafted a resolution to merge with Robert Jones Council 3078.  Refer to the following resolution.





Presented to Robert Jones Council 3078

___________, 2020


Whereas the members of Msgr. Champion Council 2819, hereinafter referred to as 2819, have expressed a desire to merge with Robert Jones Council 3078, hereinafter referred to as 3078, and

Whereas 3078 believes that its pursuit of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patroitism would be enhanced by such merger, and

Wereas such merger could benefit the Parishes of St. Andre Bessette and Sts. Andrew and Benedict in addition to the parishes served by 3078, and

Whereas all members of 2819 in good standing, who desire to transfer to 3078, would automatically transfer to 3078, and

Whereas members of 2819 would be fully entitled to all benefits of membership in 3078, and

Whereas 3078 would retain the name of Robert Jones Council and the same council number, and

Wereas Council 3078 has considered the implications of such merger at a Special Meeting of 3078 on ____________, 2020, and

Whereas Council 3078 has as voted upon the resolution of said merger in a Special Meeting of ____________, 2020,

Be it resolved that the members of 3078 welcome such merger, and

Be it resolved that 3078 willingly and fully accept the liabilities and assets of 2819.

Be it resolved that 3078 agrees that the PGK's and the GK of the council ceasing to exist by reason of merger shall be entitled to the title, right of privileges of PGK without regard to the length of service in such office as written in sec 249.2 of the constitution/laws of the Order.

Be in Now Resolved that on this day of ____________, 2020 that 3078 accepts merger with 2819.



Vernell Smith                                               Nicholas Nicasio

Grand Knight                                                Trustee



Ronald Edwards                                            Clifford Eberts

Financial Secretary                                        Trustee



Karol Haspra                                                 Steve Isham

Chancellor                                                     Trustee


Council 788 - Music by Jay Corey & Ron Cook

By: Bill Schaner - Wed, Feb 5, 2020 3:30 AM

Posted For: Council #788

Stop out to the club and have a great steak dinner this Friday and stay around and listen to some great music by Jay Corey & Ron Cook. Ask them to play Free Bird for you, they love that song.