Lansing Diocesan Seminarian Support 2022

By: Gary Merritt - Wed, Mar 16, 2022 11:16 AM

Posted For: Council #4090

We did it again! We topped last years contribution to our Lansing Diocese seminarians. Thanks to the generosity of our parish communities of St. John the Evangalist-Blessed Sacrament, Holy Rosary, St. Francis, St. Mary and St. Charales & Helena and the Davison business community we have our 12th year of growth in a row and we have written support checks to 30 seminarians for a total of $50,670.00. Thank you to all who participated!

DGK Mark Corcoran GK 4090

10724 Breakfast for Babies

By: Gary Merritt - Mon, Feb 21, 2022 10:38 AM

Posted For: Council #10724

WOW!, what an event and what a success our 2022 Breakfast for Babies was!
We raised over $8,100.00 in cash and merchandise! The proceeds bounty will be donated to worthy and wonderful Organizations such as the St. Francis Cabrini Clinic of Most Holy Trinity Parish, the oldest free clinic in the United States, serving the most encumbered and disadvantaged in South west Detroit, specifically moms and children.  

Our mission matters Gentleman, now more than ever.  Thank you to all the Knights that put this together and turned out today to support this extraordinary gift that the Knights can give to our community.

To those that couldn’t attend, please plan on being at our Outdoor Knights event on Saturday March 19th. Come one, come all for a great date night or stag night with your buddies. Please contact myself, Brian Lents or Joe Whitenight to get your table of tickets to sell.  With all of your support this will also be a fantastic success!

Vivat Jesus!
GK Jeff Wooten Au Lac Council 10724