Council 8500 donates a priceless Christmas in May gift to deserving couple

By: Ken Warzybok - Mon, May 13, 2024 1:43 PM

Posted For: Council #8500

On Saturday May 11th, Council #8500 Membership Director Gary Cornellier organized a heartwarming event called "Christmas in May." The deserving recipients of this event were Paul and Kay Young.  Kay has dutifully served as the parish secretary for the Church of the Holy Spirit in Highland for many years.


The main objective of the day was to tackle some tree maintenance tasks, which included cutting, heavy-duty brush hauling, and trimming.  These tasks had become too challenging for Paul, a skilled master gardener, to handle on his own.  Thanks to the collective efforts of many volunteers, the work was completed swiftly and efficiently.


Many hands make quick work!


The majority of the volunteers were Brother Knights from Fr. John Howard Knights of Columbus Council #8500 in Highland. A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who participated and supported this wonderful event.  Your dedication and generosity truly made a difference in the lives of Paul and Kay Young.




Gary Cornellier

Council #8500 Membership Director

Highland, MI

Knights Bikes gives away free bicycles at local church fair

By: Ken Warzybok - Wed, Aug 9, 2023 9:31 AM

Posted For: Council #8500

On Sunday August 6th, Fr John Howard Council 8500 in Highland gave away many free bicycles at the Saint Mary’s of the Snow Church Fair in Milford. This is part of their impressive “Knights Bikes” program which was founded in 2014.

bike 1


The intermittent rain made all the bikes shine even more and the smiles brighter; we all can agree that it is difficult to frown while riding a bicycle!

bikes 2

Since 2014, this program has gifted over 1,268 bikes to many organizations, churches, non-profits, individuals, and folks just like you…and the bikes are always free.
bikes 3





If you have any questions regarding Knights Bikes, or if you know someone who needs a bicycle, please contact Gary Cornellier, Membership Director for Council #8500 and the Founder/Director of the Knights Bikes program:


A Knights Bike Story

By: Ken Warzybok - Thu, Jun 29, 2023 8:10 AM

Posted For: Council #8500

At 7am on Tuesday, there was a knock at my door. A father-type and his son. They spoke very little English.  From what I could tell, they were from Afghanistan and lived in a small two-bedroom house with their six kids and no air conditioning. The reason for their visit was because the Pastor of their church had given them eight bicycles and were told to bring them to me.


So they unloaded the bikes, and when done, asked what I do with them. I explained the Knights Bikes program and they blessed me for doing it. All this time, his son had his eye on a black Schwinn. The dad pulled out some cash and asked how much for the bike; his son had a long way to school and needed a bicycle. I told him that they brought me eight bikes, so the least I could do was to give them one for his son.


As they loaded up the bike, I could see tears in his son’s eyes. He gave me a big hug and said thank you. Great how it all works out.


God bless you all!

-       Max Cornellier


Since 2014, Father John W. Howard Council 8500 in Highland has sponsored Knight’s Bikes to provide bicycles to children and adults in need. The program repairs and refurbished unwanted bicycles and purchases new bicycles to provide them to others. The program distributes more than 125 bicycles each year.

Bike Give A Way

By: Gary Merritt - Sun, Jun 4, 2023 8:52 AM

Posted For: Council #8500

The weekend of May 27/28, the Knights bikes program of Council #8500 delivered 15 free bikes to Bishop Kenneth L Tate of The Body of Christ Church in Detroit. Bishop Kenneth Tate is an anchor in the community in many different ways, including a food drive he runs almost every Friday throughout the year. You can listen to Bishop Tate from Tuesday to Friday mornings on WMUZ FM, radio from 4 AM to 5 AM. We have supported Bishop Tate for many years, and plan on continuing to do so in the future. To God be the glory we have  given away 1192 bikes as of today!

If you know of anyone who needs a bike, or if you have a bike to donate, please let us know.

Thank you Gary Cornellier  Fr, John Howard Council #8500 Highland Michigan.