Vocations Update from our State Vocations Dir.

By: Greg Brunson - Wed, Nov 11, 2020 4:01 PM

Brother Knights

Despite the Covid19 situation, our State is doing surprisingly well with vocational support through the RSVP Program.  Let me begin by recognizing three districts in Michigan who have already reached 100% council participation with RSVP!

Ø  District 504, Lansing Diocese – District Deputy Richard Perry

v  6694 Swartz Creek

v  6742 Grand Blanc

v  7418 Fenton

v  8489 Flushing

Ø  District 509, Lansing Diocese – District Deputy John Yanok

v  7304 Brighton

v  7891 Brighton

v  11761 Pinckney

v  12295 Brighton

Ø  District 121, Detroit Diocese – District Deputy Jason Myers

v  2950 Utica

v  11957 Shelby Township

v  13983 Shelby Township

Well done!   Additionally, District 509 in Lansing has achieved 100% council participation three years in a row.     These three districts are good examples of how important support for vocations is and how necessary the RSVP program is for our future Priests.    I would be remiss if I did not mention Council 2950 in Utica - which leads the entire state in vocations support year after year, and for many years.  The St Lawrence Council along with seven or eight other councils in the state have for many years led Michigan in this effort.  Now is the time for many of our smaller councils to become engaged with RSVP and lend a hand in vocational support, statewide.

For the councils in the state who have not been involved with RSVP in the past three years, I will be attending a council meeting of yours in the weeks and months ahead.   I have already visited many of your meetings already either in person or by ZOOM.  Just last evening for example I visited a council to talk about RSVP and had a very productive meeting with those brother knights.  That council is very typical of many who have supported seminarians in the past but stopped when the man they supported became ordained.  Does this sound like your council?

We can do better, and we will do better – my goal is to have every council in Michigan supporting a seminarian or postulate.   The good news is we are already showing signs of getting there!   For the current year in Michigan we have: 18 Councils and 2 Assemblies who are supporting a seminarian with RSVP, Councils who have not done so in at least three years, or ever.

That is fabulous news and a good place to be.

Lastly when you submit your form 2863 for refund, make sure you also complete a form 10784 since it is a Faith In Action program - then send it along with your 2863.  Remember also to send copies of both forms to forms@mikofc.org – as always with any Faith In Action program.

Greg Brunson State Faith/Vocaions Director

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