Update on McGivney Field

By: Ken Warzybok - Thu, May 30, 2024 6:21 AM

Dear Brother Knights, it's really happening!!!
After much hard work and dedication, the Clinton Valley Little League Challenger Division Senior League Baseball Field will be officially blessed and named in honor of Blessed Michael McGivney. This will be the final article regarding the upcoming event. All necessary changes will be implemented at the field itself.
The event will take place on June 15th at Neil Reid Park, located at 37705 Harper Road in Clinton Township. We will be gathering at 12pm with the official start time set for 1pm. The meeting point will be in the parking lot of the school adjacent to the park's entrance. Please review the previous articles for any additional information or reminders.
We are pleased to announce that the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council has partnered with Spirit Juice, an award-winning production studio from Chicago known for their unique Catholic style, to document the blessing and naming ceremony of the Clinton Valley Little League Challenger Division Senior League Baseball Field. This field will now and forever be known as the Blessed Father Michael J. McGivney Field.
Spirit Juice Studios is enthusiastic about our planned flash mobbing, beach ball celebrations, and the seventh-inning stretch. They have expressed their excitement for this Special Olympics Initiative, stating that it "checks all the boxes." I encourage all of you to attend and show your support for this important cause.
Let's make a big impression, brothers! Smile for the camera and give it your all. We are aiming for the perfect pitch, right down the center of the plate, and that's where YOU come in!
I look forward to seeing you all on the field!
Vivat Jesus!
Ken Dumais
St. Mary of the Hills/Council 13950