Thanksgiving Gift

By: Dan Fuller - Tue, Nov 24, 2020 12:07 PM

Here is how we can give this gift.

·  Direct them or take them yourself to and for spanish

·  Fill in the information including the parish and council number

·  Have them enter your membership number so you can be credited for growing our order

·  Enter the promo code MCGIVNEY2020

Your friend or family member is now a Knight with E-membership status, and you have given him a priceless gift of Faith and Fraternity for him and his family.

 PS:  For my Brothers that would like help inviting their family and friends to become e-members - Ask your GK, Membership Director, DD, Diocesan Director or me to help you.

·  Ask your council's membership director to contact these people for you.

·  Email your friends/prospects the attached Online Membership document 

·  Have them fill it out and return it to you.

·  Enter this information for these candidates into the webpage

·  They will then be Knights with e-membership benefits

"Rise up and answer the call!"

My God Bless you all and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Daniel C Fuller Jr. State Membership Director Michigan State Council of the Knights of Columbus


·  Use the virtual and online tools to grow our Order

·  Build your recruiting Ambassador Team

·  Best growth technique is to "Ask"

Blessed Fr. Michael J McGivney - Pray for us...