Supreme Knight Kelly Observes Dobbs Decision

By: Gary Merritt - Sun, Jun 25, 2023 9:10 AM

Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly 'gratefully' commemorates Dobbs, says 'there is still much to be done'

(OSV News-- The head of the Knights of Columbus "gratefully" commemorated the first anniversary of the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade, saying that "today, and for generations to come," the June 24, 2022, ruling "will be viewed as one of the most significant human rights achievements in our nation's history."

"By allowing abortion on demand, including late-term abortions up to birth, Roe had a devastating impact on women and took the lives of over 60 million unborn children," Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly said in a June 22 statement, which he issued "on behalf of more than 2 million Knights of Columbus and their families worldwide."

"By the grace of God, the nearly fifty-year reign of national abortion on demand has been put to an end. Roe v. Wade, a seemingly insurmountable blight on our nation -- is no more!" he said June 6.

But, he added, "over the past year, while some states have acted to protect preborn children, others have tragically moved to enshrine abortion in law -- enacting extreme abortion policies that leave children vulnerable to abortion, even until the moment of birth. … The work that lies ahead continues to be not just changing laws but also helping to change hearts, with steadfast faith in the power of God to do so."

In his statement Kelly, too, said that, "There is still much to be done."

"In the Dobbs era, the Knights of Columbus will continue to fight for the lives of the unborn -- both in Washington and on the state level -- and we will strengthen our support for mothers and their children," he said.

Blessed Michael McGivney, the founder of the fraternal organization, "had a particular concern for widows and orphans, and the Knights' mission to support mothers in need and their children is a sacred responsibility we've carried for over 140 years," Kelly added, noting some of the Knights' pro-life efforts.

Those include the Aid and Support After Pregnancy initiative, which was started last year "to greatly expand the Knights' already robust support for pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes," he said, adding that Knights across the U.S. and Canada have exceeded their first-year goal for ASAP, as it's known, by raising more than $5 million to support mothers and their babies.

The Knights of Columbus and its local councils also cover the entire cost of ultrasound machines for pregnancy resource centers. Since 2009, the Knights has funded the purchase of 1,730 of "these life-saving machines," valued at more than $82 million, according to Kelly.

In his statement Kelly also urged Congress to act to maintain a long-standing practice "of keeping taxpayer dollars out of the abortion business and ensuring that federal agencies maintain their mission of serving the people -- and not serving as facilitators of abortion. In fact, 60% of Americans oppose the use of federal tax dollars to pay for abortions."


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