By: Greg Brunson - Fri, Nov 13, 2020 10:25 AM



Brothers, with the Covid19 situation most councils are not meeting in person and there are many parishes where councils are not allowed to meet in large numbers, or at all.  That being said councils need to find ways to continue to do the good works of our order as well as finding ways to pray together.

The Spiritual Reflection Program can lend itself to a virtual setting rather well actually.   By now everyone should be using virtual meeting environments of some kind such as ZOOM.   Reflect on the picture below, imagine this to be a virtual session, with Father leading a large group of Brother Knights in an hour of prayer together.    This can be very easy to do and the technology is there as a tool for us all to use.

In this picture these young men are close together, they could just as easily be separated by great distance.   It matters not that we are separated by distance.  What matters is that we are spending time with our Lord together.


Some Councils have already done this type of program, which is fabulous!   There is nothing stopping every Council in Michigan from holding an hour of Spiritual Reflection – virtually.    Ask your Chaplain to lead and be part of this.  


In today’s world the Knights of Columbus are needed more than ever and we need to pray together and remain strong in our faith.    If you know of a Catholic man who has not attended mass or have fallen away from the church – invite them to an hour of Spiritual Reflection.  Let other Catholic men see how the Knights of Columbus have Unity and Fraternity of spirt.

Remember also to complete a form 10784 when holding an hour of prayer together.  As with  any Faith In Action program try to get in the habit of filling out the 10784 and send it to fraternalmission@kofc.org , and send a copy to forms@mikofc.org so that the appropriate State Faith In Action Director will know who is doing what – it is important.  

Rise Up and Answer the Call!

Greg Brunson State Faith/Vocations Director