Silver Rose update for 2024

By: Robert Bagley - Thu, Oct 12, 2023 7:03 AM

From Your State Faith Director




This is the list for Silver Rose for 2024, both open dates and those reserved:


April: 1st through 12th is still available,13th through the 28th is blocked for Marquette Diocese. Then this Rose goes to Indiana. 


May: 1st is open, May 2nd blocked for Fenville, May 3rd is open, 4th through 10th are blocked for St Lawrence Council, 11th and 12th in Mio, 13th through 19th at St Therese Lisieux. 20th through 24th State Council at the Island, 25th through 31st is open.


The quicker you put in your request, the better your chances of getting the date you want.


Peace, Love and pray for each other.


Bob Bagley 1

State Faith Director