Save Hyde Amendment

By: Ed Strach - Wed, Sep 1, 2021 4:27 PM

Brother Knights,

 In coming weeks, Congress will determine the fate of the longstanding Hyde Amendment, deciding whether billions of taxpayer dollars will directly pay for abortions. Help us urge Congress to vote against any bill that does not include pro-life protections. 



The dangers in front of us involve healthcare funding in the appropriations bills and in the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. Unfortunately, the pro-abortion led House has already passed an appropriations bill that eliminates many of the important pro-life protections—including the popular Hyde Amendment. 

 We know abortion isn’t healthcare, but Congress has not gotten the message yet. 

 Now, it’s up to us to defend pro-life taxpayers by insisting that our tax dollars be withheld from the abortion industry. As you know, Hyde and other similar pro-life riders have been included as bipartisan agreements for nearly 50 years, only now to be unceremoniously scrapped by the Speaker of the House and her radical pro-abortion colleagues.  

While we faced a devastating defeat in the radically pro-abortion House, we are grateful for the pro-life coalition on the Senate side. Earlier this month, the Senate showed its intent to defend Hyde's core principles through the passage of an amendment offered by Senator Lankford.  

 However, this intent is not binding. We must urge all Senators to carry this promise across the finish line by voting against any bill that does not retain the Hyde family of pro-life riders.