RTL Pro-Life Update

By: Ed Strach - Mon, Jan 25, 2021 11:11 AM

January 22 Is Not a Normal Date
On January 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court declared itself the ultimate power, with authority to give life or take it away by its own sheer will.
The Declaration of Independence proclaims Life as a self-evident, unalienable right. It asserts the purpose of government of is to secure the Right to Life (and other rights), and can only do so through the consent of the people.
For decades in America, abortion was illegal in every state code of laws, and before that the common law. Only some states had shamefully legalized it in the 1960s and 1970s—through a real political process—and some of those states were beginning to have second thoughts when the sheer mass of deaths became clear. Michigan's first formal code of statutory laws banned abortion, and the people affirmed our abortion ban in November 1972 by a public vote.
Did that matter? Our laws? Public opinion? The U.S. Constitution? The role and duty and oath of federal judges? Nope, not a lick. There were 7 Supreme Court justices who wanted abortion, so they cheated and gave all 50 states a new law—delivered as if from on high and unquestionable by the people. Through two Supreme Court decisions on January 22, 1973—Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton—they legalized abortion for any reason and throughout the entire span of pregnancy. No mercy for the unborn.
We haven't let a day go by since then without using our prolife voice against this great injustice. Tomorrow is your opportunity to help make the voice of the unborn heard. What will you do?
  • Attend our rally in Lansing on January 27. With the National March for Life cancelled, this is your best opportunity to make a public witness.
  • Give people resources to learn more about Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, through social media, e-mail, in-person, etc. Our website has great resources. This YouTube video gives people a way to make sense of the 60 million lives lost to abortion. Share the posts of our social media profiles tomorrow. Say something about it to someone who doesn't agree or doesn't know.
  • Attend a local prolife event. Some of our local Right to Life of Michigan affiliates have events scheduled on Friday or later to mark the date. Are you connected to your local affiliate? Will you use your voice more than once a year?
Some of you aren't shy at all about being vocally prolife. Others may be shy, fearing for your job, or how some of your family or friends may respond. Some don't want to be "that guy." We understand, but tomorrow, 2,300 children will die. Their lives will be willfully taken because a government refuses to do their most basic duty. In some states the taxpayers will be paying the abortionists to take those lives.
The unborn don't have any voice yet. Be their voice. Don't let their death sentence on January 22, 1973 go unremarked or unchallenged as just a normal day in America.
There may be a cost to using your prolife voice, but the cost of not using it is far, far higher.

Repealing Hyde is a Planned Parenthood Cash Grab  The main argument abortion supporters have for   getting rid of the Hyde Amendment and forcing the prolife half of the   country to pay for abortions with their tax dollars is that it’s unfair that   poor women have to pay for abortions.                                             Think about this for a second: the abortion industry is hypocritical for   complaining about poor women having to pay for abortions, because   the abortion industry is the one taking their money!

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No Constitutional Right to Mail Abortions

 In last weekend's episode of LifeBeat, we discussed a U.S.   Supreme  Court decision on federal regulations of the abortion pill. A   federal court had decided that ignoring FDA regulations and sending   abortion pills through the mail was in the U.S. Constitution   somewhere. By a vote of 6-3, the U.S. Supreme Court disagreed.       We also discuss the many prolife happenings in July, and the story     of a Canadian hospice that wasn't allowed to opt out of killing their   own patients.LifeBeat