Promoting State Youth Sportsmanship

By: Garret Kelenske - Thu, Nov 12, 2020 3:02 PM

Worthy Brother Knights, I would like to remind you all about this program that has been around for three years. Unfortunately, it has been underutilized and I hope this will help to get more Councils involved with it. This is the description of the program as it is in the Leadership Guide.

Youth Sportsman Program 

The goal of this program is to encourage men to get involved in setting great examples for the youth of the Parish and community by getting them outside and enjoying what Michigan has to offer in the way of hunting and fishing:


  1. Decide on the event. Examples are: Fishing Contests, Big Buck Competitions, Small game Contests, Pheasant Hunts or Duck Hunt.
  2. Research all Fish and Game Regulations pertaining to the event on the Michigan Department of Natural Resources web page.
  3. Decide on the length of the contest. Will it be a one-day event or for the whole season?
  4. Decide on awards prizes or just good old bragging rights.
  5. Have a Lunch or Dinner after the event to promote fraternity and good sportsmanship.
  6. Look for possible sponsorship's or prize donations.
  7. Create a flier to promote the event and have Father review it for his approval. 

This an open-ended program. During the summer and winter, the State of Michigan offers free fishing weekends. This is one way to keep the cost down for this program. Fishing is also free for persons under the age of 17 years. This program is limited only by your imagination so please think outside the box. Remember to follow all Fish, Game and Firearm Regulations. This is an opportunity to involve community not just your church or council. Promote the Knights of Columbus in the public eye in a very positive way. This is also an opportunity to get some of the less active members involved in a new and exciting event. Keep in mind that wild game can be donated to help feed the needy in our communities.

  As it states this is an open-ended program so if you have a member of the Council collect the information about   taking a youth sportsperson out this year and participating in a hunting or fishing event. An example would be   taking a son or daughter out Deer Hunting, taking a grandson out Fishing or perhaps taking a neighbor and their   youth out for the first time for an event. It does not have to be just a contest. Please collect the data and fill out   form #10784 for your Council. Just like many of the programs in the Knights you are probably already doing this   program. Please take the time to fill out the form and take credit for it.

 "Rise up and answer the call"

Your Brother in Christ Garret A. Kelenske State Family Director