Pro-Life Update

By: Ed Strach - Fri, Sep 9, 2022 7:21 PM

RFFA Amendment will be on the Ballot

Yesterday evening, the Michigan Supreme Court voted 5-2 to overturn the Board of Canvassers vote. This means that the anything-goes RFFA abortion amendment will be on the November ballot.

By overturning the Board of Canvasser's 2-2 deadlock vote to not put the amendment on the ballot, the MI Supreme Court is ordering the board to approve it, despite any reservations.


The Citizens to Support MI Women and Children coalition fought for the unborn and the women of Michigan at the Board of Canvassers meeting last Wednesday, in hopes that the Board would see that our constitution should not have 60 errors engraved in it. While the prolife coalition has been fighting against the amendment since the moment it was announced, this particular fight at the Board of Canvassers meeting came about when the coalition's legal team discovered that the petition that was circulated and signed had not been the one conditionally approved in March and it contained 60 spacing errors.


These errors made the amendment language hard to read due to gibberish paragraphs with words that were over 100 characters long. Because of the no spaces, the content of the amendment language, also known as the form, was inherently different from the original language that was presented to the board in March.


Despite the obvious, which is that our state constitution doesn't currently have any errors so why should we add 60, the amendment will be on the November ballot. Prolife Michigan will be hanging in the balance as Michiganders will decide if our state should allow partial-birth abortions, taxpayer-funded abortions, abortions for children without parental consent or knowledge, and fetal viability only including healthy infants who don't need to go to the NICU. Not to mention that age of consent, statutory rape, and abortion facility regulations are also on the line when voting on this amendment. 


Please learn about this amendment and pass your knowledge on to your neighbors, friends, family, and community. This amendment has no business being enshrined in our state constitution, making Michigan the most radical state in the U.S., ahead of New York and California.

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Vote NO on proposal 3 and spread the word.

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