Our Sunday Visitor’s 2020 Catholics of the Year

By: Gary Merritt - Wed, Dec 23, 2020 2:56 PM

Two of the selections of Catholics of the Year 2020 are Fr. McGivney an our Supreme Knight.

Meet Our Sunday Visitor’s 2020 Catholics of the Year

Here is the article written by our Supreme Chaplain from Our Catholic Visitors website.

A deep faith and commitment to charity link the Knights of Columbus’ past and present leaders

By Archbishop William E. Lori

As Supreme Chaplain of the Knights of Columbus, I have worked closely with Supreme Knight Carl Anderson for more than 15 years. Repeatedly, I have witnessed in him the qualities of mind and heart that have made him a visionary and effective leader of the world’s largest lay Catholic organization. Chief among these are the depth of faith in Jesus Christ, his love of the Church, his missionary spirit, his commitment to charity, his strength of character, and his ability to lead a large and complex fraternal organization. Looking back on the Supreme Knight’s tenure, I can say without any hesitation that he has brilliantly exemplified the luminous virtues so evident in the life of the recently beatified Blessed Michael McGivney, founder of the Knights.


Like Father McGivney, Supreme Knight Anderson firmly anchors life and work in his encounter with Christ in faith and prayer. His profound respect for human life and his commitment to charity flow from his faith in the Incarnate Son of God who fully reveals the inviolable dignity of each person. As was true of Father McGivney, Supreme Knight Anderson’s every initiative aims at furthering the Church’s mission to evangelize, sanctify and serve. In the spirit of Father McGivney, Supreme Knight Anderson has extended Knights of Columbus charities to the marginalized, whether it is persecuted Christians in the Middle East or young people in the inner city in need of a warm coat. Following in Father McGivney’s footsteps, Supreme Knight Anderson has worked tirelessly to promote family life and to ensure that the Knights of Columbus helps Catholic men to live their faith as good husbands and fathers.


As the Church gives thanks for the beatification of Blessed Michael McGivney, so, too, let us give thanks to God for the wonderful example and leadership of Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson. Both of these distinguished Knights are well-deserving of being named among Our Sunday Visitor’s Catholics of the Year for the indelible mark each made on the Church this past year.


Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore is Supreme Chaplain of the Knights of Columbus.