Message from our State Deputy Walter Winkle

By: Gary Merritt - Fri, Aug 14, 2020 1:07 PM

"Make the Most of this Offer"


 Worthy Grand Knights, I pray that all is well with you, your members, and their families. We are all experiencing the effect of the Covid-19 in one way or another. Some may have lost a job, been laid off, or canceled several of the fund-raising events that were carefully planned and counted on to be able to fraternalize with our brothers and to continue to help the needy in your area. Most importantly the possibility that we might have lost a friend or loved one to this Virus. I ask that you continue to pray to the end of the turmoil that in one way or another, has affected us all. Participating in the Leave no Neighbor Behind Program is more important than ever during these times!


 Attached you will find the councils that have achieved the Star Council Award from Supreme. I want to congratulate all those councils that have achieved the pinnacle of success within the Knights of Columbus by attaining this award! The Grand Knights, Membership Directors and members of these councils have shown outstanding leadership and I ask that you strive to attain this award again during this fraternal year! For those councils that did their best to accomplish this but did not make it, I ask that you continue to ask members to be part of your support to our churches across Michigan. To help you reach your goals to success, Supreme has lowered the membership quota from 7% to 5% of your membership and the maximum for any council is 20! This has not been this low in the last 15 years. Supreme has also changed the Insurance quota to having two fraternal benefit nights during the year. Please contact your Field Agent for more information.  


 As of today, and until the end of the month, Supreme has extended the free membership in honor of the Beatification of our founder, Fr. Michael J. McGivney!  What an excellent time to welcome a new member and his family to join your council, joining an order that was founded by a parish priest who no less will be a saint someday soon. Please go to and welcome him as an E-Member first. Enter MCGIVNEY2020 for the code. He will be able to then watch the Exemplification on demand or ask him to attend a live Degree put on by your Council or District Degree Staff.  I ask that you contact your Council Chaplain or Priest this weekend or next and ask if you can proclaim during the announcements this great news of the Beatification of Fr. McGivney and in honor of this news, we are offering the free membership and explain how to join. I have been attending several masses around the state and noticed that some are being videotaped, this would be the perfect time to do this as these tapings will be shown on the parish website for all to see!

 God Bless You All, Walter Winkle Jr. State Deputy

 Rise Up and Answer the Call! 

  Thanks to the 101 Council that achieved Supreme Star status during the 2019/2020 fraternal year.

Let's all set our sights on obtaining Star Council status for our councils this year.