Interview with Christen Pollo, Executive Director, Protect Life MI

By: Ed Strach - Mon, Oct 26, 2020 1:17 PM

To continue Building a Culture of Life an interview took place with Christen Pollo, Executive Director at Protect Life MI – Pro Life Students.

This is the next in the Rise Up and Answer the Call for Life series with focuses on Building a Culture of Life.

Protect Life MI - our vision

our vision is to form a generation of pro-life leaders dedicated to ending abortion in their lifetime.


Protect Life MI - our mission

Protect Life Michigan (PLMI) promotes a culture of life on college campuses in Michigan. Our mission is to end abortion by (1) recruiting and training students for pro-life leadership, (2) educating youth on life issues and pregnancy resources, and (3) networking students within their communities to strengthen their impact


This interview with Christen focused on the following topics:

·         What is Protect Life MI – Pro Life Students

·         Why is Protect Life MI and its activities important at this time

·         What benefit or assistance can the Knights of Columbus be at this time for Protect Life MI

·         Best way to stay in touch with Protect Life MI

It is our hope you find this interview insightful as we Continue to Build a Culture of Life – from Conception to Natural Death.

To view this interview, click on the picture below

Ed and Lynn Strach, Pro Life Couple, Michigan State Council Knights of Columbus