By: John Hundiak - Mon, Oct 4, 2021 11:47 AM

Over the decades, the partnership between the Michigan Knights of Columbus and the Michigan Special Olympics has been phenomenal. As part of our ongoing support of Special Olympics, our State Deputy receives a check from Supreme each year specifically for Michigan Special Olympics.  Over the years, these checks totaled up to about $100,000.  These checks were based on the level of reported level of Special Olympic participation by the councils in the State as reported on the Special Olympics Partnership Form (#4584).

This calendar year (yes, January thru December) the amount of council participation will be collected through the Fraternal Programs Report Form (#10784).  The old and retired form (#4584) will not be accepted.  If your information is submitted on the old form, it will not be recorded and it will not be returned to you!  This information was covered at the Summer Leadership meeting as well as the Diocesan meetings.  It will be reviewed again at the Winter Leadership meeting.

To use the form 10784, you will find Special Olympics listed under the Life category.  Simply record your hours worked, activity name and donations and submit the form online.  This form is intended to be submitted multiple times throughout the year.  You do not have to wait until the end of the year to record your activities.  As a bets practice, as you finish a program (any program), you should file a form 10784 to record your activity information.

Additionally, as a “Featured Program” councils that provide at least $2,000 in donations or 200 service hours earn 2 credits toward the Columbian Award.

Thank you for your continued support for Special Olympics and remember every Special Olympic event you attend is a potential recruiting opportunity and an opportunity to showcase our ‘Leave No Neighbor Behind’ programs.

Vivat Jesus!

John Hundiak                                               Willy Winkle

State Special Olympics Director                  Assistant State Special Olympics Director