Happy Columbus Day.

By: Gary Merritt - Mon, Oct 12, 2020 12:03 PM

Thank you Fraternal Benefits Field Agent Dan Thelen for sending me the reminder of Columbus Day.

Today, the Knights of Columbus celebrate Columbus Day, knowing that our namesake gave voice to generations of Catholics and helped clear a path for the diverse society we have today.

The navigator who united two hemispheres was not a saint — but his momentous role in history should be celebrated.

Misplaced vengeance topples Columbus’ statues. Tweets traduce him. He was mendacious, self-righteous, humorless and mean. But his virtues — including dazzling bravery and ingenuous charm — balanced his vices. He was sympathetic toward cultures other than his own, including those of Native Americans: Detractors are unpardonably ignorant of these.


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Outrageous claims about Columbus need to be tempered by a sober look at the historical record.

At a moment when even George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are under attack, it was inevitable that the current unrest would also engulf Christopher Columbus. His case is unique, though, because unlike the others, few people — least of all those who took turns stomping on his statues know much about him.

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