Fall Brings Michigan Membership Season

By: Dan Fuller - Thu, Nov 12, 2020 8:02 AM

In Michigan, the Fall season brings us many celebrated traditions with family and friends.  We gather together at hunting camps and around Thanksgiving tables to share stories with friends and family.  This year we as Knights have new stories to share; the story of our founder Blessed Fr. McGivney and free membership in the Knights of Columbus.


Here is the ammunition you can use for Membership Season

·  Know your story, "Why did you become a Knight and what does it mean to you."

·  Tell Blessed Fr. McGivney's story

·  Invite your family and friend to be e-members at kofc.org/joinus using free promo code MCGIVNEY2020

·  "Leave No Neighbor Behind" programs that help our communities during this pandemic 

·  Be proud and loud, invite every catholic gentleman that you know

Membership growth incentives are what we can put in our game bags or buck poles 

·  Oct1 - Dec 31st Supreme sponsored competition vs Division 1 States - IL, NY, OH, TX, ONT, FL, PA, (Michigan needs to win this time)

·  Council Quick Start recognition at the State Chaplain Tribute Banquet in February

·  Ambassador Club recognition for personally recruiting 2 to 12 new members this year

·  Blessed Fr. McGivney Medallion for 5 new members

·  State Deputy will buy your Council Dinner for the top membership growth

·  State Deputy will buy your Chaplain a KofC Stole and Chasuble

·  https://mikofc.org/resources/Membership-Incentives 

It is membership season, for my Brothers headed to deer camp with friends and family and for those Brothers that are celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family, I leave you with this prayer from a novena to St. Hubert.

 Happy Hunting and Blessed Fr. McGivney, Pray for us.

Daniel C Fuller Jr. State Membership Director 248-761-2244

"Rise up and answer the call"