Councils and State Charities Raffle 2023

By: Kevin Rowley - Mon, Dec 5, 2022 6:10 AM

Brother Knights, you should have received your packet of tickets for this year’s Michigan State Council charity raffle. We’re off to an impressive start, as knights and friends of the order have been sending in their purchased and sold tickets. This year we’ve added an incentive to get your sold tickets in as soon as possible. You’ve likely noticed an early bird ticket included in your packet that can be sent in with your 12 SOLD tickets. By getting your tickets in early, your early bird entry will be placed in all 4 monthly drawings held in December through March. That’s four chances to win $250 just for getting your tickets in! So don’t let the tickets sit forgotten in a drawer, get them in!

As in previous years, 20% ($1 per ticket) comes back to your council. So not only will your ticket sales allow the Michigan State Council to support great charities and Catholic endeavors, but your home council can also earn a lot of money for the causes that you support. Add to that the chances to win early bird drawings, incentives for top council sales and individual sellers, there’s a lot of reasons to get these tickets purchased and returned!

You can request extra tickets if needed, the more you sell the more your council earns. Additionally, why not reach out to brother knights that are not going to purchase and offer to sell their tickets at your events? While our annual raffle has done phenomenally well over the years, a large number of tickets that are printed and mailed go unsold. This leaves a lot of potential revenue untapped. The councils that perform the best have a knight or group of knights that take the lead on efforts to sell. Like any program, having a plan and a committed leader(s) makes all the difference. We are approximately four months out from the drawing, so that gives you a lot of time to sell and earn.

The prizes are great and the incentives are huge, so help make this year’s raffle a giant success!

Kevin Rowley, State Raffle Director

Michael Haughey, State Raffle Director

Check out the new Early Bird drawing, new this year.