Cans for Seminarians

By: Charles E. McCuen - Tue, Oct 13, 2020 11:02 AM



We want to thank all the Councils that participated in part 1 of our Cans for Seminarians Challenge. We hope you had fun with your membership returning those little 10 cent life changers! There is a group of men who will benefit from your hard work and dedication and are grateful for all you have done so far.

Well after careful scrutinizing of all the tally sheets that were turned in, we have come away with our three division winners. Your Councils did an amazing job in collecting those funds and we are immensely proud of your members and their families for keeping the dream alive. So, without any further ado let us get to it,

Division 1:  Council # 7582 Fr Peter Robertson, 89 members, GK Frank Tomisch, Saginaw Diocese

Division 2: Council #6694 Swartz Creek, 195 members, GK Wayne DeShano, Lansing Diocese   

Division 3: Council #7418 Fenton, 360 members, GK Michael Archambault, Ray Barth, Lansing Diocese

OUR Worthy State Deputy Walter Winkle would like to Congratulate you for taking part in the first leg of our fund raiser and for a job well done. As you recall our SD had offered The Grand Hotel as an incentive and for this year’s Convention, Your First and Second Delegates and their wives will have their rooms reserved at the Grand Hotel and your Councils will be announced at the Awards Ceremony. The Worthy ST Barry Borsenik will contact you and give the needed directions when the time is near.

Please be sure to send those checks to our Worthy State Secretary Chris Kolomjec with “Cans for Seminarians” in the memo line. I was informed that in an article on the State Web Site you were directed to send them to our Worthy Faith Director, that is incorrect. 

So, I know you are wondering just how well your Councils did, we are pleased to tell that your hard work has raised over $30,000 dollars for the Seminarian Endowment Fund. Not bad my Brothers, not too Bad!