Bishops Attend Winter Diocesan Meetings

By: Gary Merritt - Tue, Jan 24, 2023 12:01 PM

The Highlight of the Diocesan Winter meetings this year was the presence of the bishops of the respective dioceses.

They were more than open to address the Districts and Councils leadership in attendance at these meetings.

Bringing a Faith and Family First theme to his address in Grand Rapids, Bishop David J. Walkowiak made numerous points of the importance of the intimacy of our families and close friends.

He emphasized our Supreme Knights message that the Knights of Columbus Order helps to make Catholic men stronger in their faith.

He reminded us that while we are the vanguard of growing the faith and we are the leaders of the family of faith. We lead by example and by unifying our efforts while using the Sacraments.

He closed his remarks by asking that we all pray for the spread of the faith.

State Deputy Chris Kolomjec was very grateful to all the Bishops for bringing their message directly to us.