By: Paul Kelsey - Sun, Jul 31, 2022 8:01 AM

Introduction to a Novena to Blessed Fr. Michael J. McGivney

Blessed Michael McGivney, a model parish priest and founder of the Knights of Columbus, was recognized as a “saint” in his day by the people closest to him. When he was named “Blessed” by Pope Francis on October 31, 2020, the Church declared what many had long believed — the holy soul of Father McGivney lives today to intercede for us before the throne of God.

Over the years, thousands of favors have been attributed to Father McGivney’s intercession, as Knights, their families and Catholics throughout the world pray to him in times of need. He is known especially for favors related to employment and finances, reconciling family members, overcoming addiction, recovering from serious illness, as well as conversion and return to the Church. Coinciding with issues Father McGivney dealt with as a parish priest on earth, these favors show his ongoing care and concern for those who call upon him in faith.

In a spirit of total trust in God, we invoke Blessed McGivney’s intercession during this novena, for our own intentions and for the needs of others, knowing that he needs one more miracle to be considered for canonization, sainthood in the Catholic Church. We pray, most of all, that through the holy witness of Father McGivney, many will be brought closer to God and that we ourselves may renew our love of God and neighbor.

Let us open our hearts as we pray over these nine days. 

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